Any style of beer can be wonderful, when well brewed.

Have 1. Or 2... Or 3...

Our main focus is to create drinkable beers that leave you wanting another.

We plan to offer a handful of year-round brews, complemented with seasonally rotating options. Here are some beers you can expect to see in the taproom right away


This Kölsch style ale’s rounded palate is comprised of a delicate flavor balance between a light bready malt and a soft, herbal hop bitterness. This clean, crisp, well-balanced beer has subtle fruit flavors and aromas that complement its straw color. With its roots in the German brewing tradition, this classic style has been celebrated across Europe for centuries, and we think more people on this side of the pond should be celebrating it as well.

Oliver’s Grove

Our American style pale ale is the epitome of drinkability and will leave you wanting “just one more”. It is smooth and well-balanced with a citrusy hop flavor that doesn’t overpower the bready malt backbone.

Downward Spiral

Our IPA is a celebration of all that we love about hops. Aromatic. Floral. Resiny. Flavorful. Memorable. This dry, slightly grainy brew has tropical notes on the nose and a citrus follow up that balances its firm (but not too firm) bitter finish. For those who are turned off by the bitterness of IPAs, have no fear. This beer is big on flavor and aroma but not so bitter as to destroy your palate for a week.

The LeDuc

Not necessarily conforming to traditional styles, we lovingly refer to this one as a Red IPA. With a warm caramel flavor right upfront, this beer will make you think about IPAs differently. Sure there’s some piney-ness to it, but the toasty warmth of this beer tempers it from being too overwhelming. Nothing about this beer is overdramatic. This beer challenges you to taste the complexity found in the interaction of seemingly simple flavors.

The Bottoms

An American-style porter. It is chocolatey. It is roasty. It is delicious. This beer proves that dark beer doesn’t have to be heavy or filling and can hold its own year round.

Hard Left

Our take on a stout is not for the faint of heart. This beer is big like an imperial stout, smooth like an oatmeal stout, and just a touch sweet like a milk stout. It will warm you up in the winter, but it can also be enjoyed on the patio under the warm summer sun.The creamy finish leaves you perfectly satisfied, while the sweet coffee and chocolate leave you wanting more. It pairs equally well with rich meaty entrees and desserts of all types.